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Creative and Fun Custom Interiors in Portland

Modern design in furniture is all about a minimalistic, spacious, chic layout and carefully chosen colors. Geometrical, angular patterns with splashes of peppy color add warmth and brightness to an interior. Aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, modern interior design depends on industrial and custom furniture, which when arranged fashionably can breathe new life to any shabby and raggedy room.

Modern and simply designed furniture that is also functional and fun at the same time can now be designed with the help of Design FAB in Portland, Oregon. Our expert interior decorators believe in creative architecture and deliver custom furniture with industrial finish for customers.

Get your newly-bought home designed from scratch for a fresh, fun, and fashionable beginning—or opt for a creative custom remodel that brings out the best in the space available to you. Get your Portland home designed, fashioned, and perfected by professionals today.