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Creative and Fun Custom Interiors in Portland

Modern home design is all about sleek custom interiors that maximize functionality and, use quality custom furnishings that make a bold statement! We want to help you create a unique one of a kind space to live work and relax in! Using a mix of textures, colors and materials can add a dynamic edge to any room, making it fresh and fun! Built- in furniture provides an elegant custom look for your home or office that will hide clutter, and provide intriguing architectural detail.

Your Home should reflect your style, and tell your story. It should have character, and be fun and lively, all while being super functional to match your lifestyle. There should be quality materials and craftsmanship in its build, with attention to every detail.

We at Design Fab use these guiding principals in all of our design- Build projects, from designing a new floor plan for your remodeling project, down to the built-ins and custom furniture that will define your home. We love working with our clients to make one of a kind interior design fab-ulous!