Creative furnishings and interiors


"Design Fab helped us come up with a solution for a large space in our built in shelves. great results, professional design; excellent materials; good quality work."

Built specially designed rare wood corner shelves in our kitchen, a mantle and built in bookshelves in our living room. 

It went great. Many thanks and many accolades for timeliness and the professionalism involved. Terry was very responsive, kind, and kept to every time commitment he made. I was very happy with the work performed. 

"Design Fab built custom maple shelves for us that matched the mantle over our fireplace.  They turned out beautiful. The alcove that they were installed in has an irregular shape and the back is slightly wider than the front.   Therefore, it was tricky to build shelves to fit the area and be able to intall, given the difference in width.  The shelves look like they have always been here."

"The project went smoothly from start to finish.  Terry was wonderful to work with."

"If Fab is for Fabulous, then the name pretty much describes the experience. Not only Terry was friendly and punctual, he did an amazing job. Will hire again and recommend highly."


Installed a wall to separate and enclose a room. Also constructed bookshelves for a classroom.

Far above our expectations....we had originally just planned for a simple wall, however, the wall was constructed and installed better and more beautiful than we had imagined.  They took our simple idea and turned it into a beautiful addition to our facility.  Top quality materials were obviously used on wall and bookshelves and construction was flawless.

Terry was just the man I wanted to take the rafter wood that was removed from my home and redesign it for use in my new bathroom. Terry and I worked, originally, from a photo I found. But, in the end, together, we designed a unique bathroom that is both stylish and utilitarian.

What stands out to me the most was how comfortable and enjoyable it was to work with Terry in these projects. He was both informative and flexible. I stress that we worked "together" because I feel it was important to him that my ideas came through in the designs. I have a long list of projects that Terry will be working on for me for some time

to come and I look forward to it!