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How To Make Designs Engaging, Personal And Functional

There are endless ways of experimenting with different kinds of interior designs to find a style that puts the fun in functional.

The challenge most people face is that of choosing lavish designs which end up compromising extra space, are too high maintenance or restrict functionality.

People wrongly assume that to have perfectly functional interior designs and furniture pieces that make living more convenient, it’s important to discount the need for aesthetics.

Here are a few ideas that exhibit how to make interior designs that’re engaging, personal and functional.


Lighting is crucial for bringing out the theme you’re going for because it sets the mood. The purpose of the room determines the amount and kind of lighting needed. Luminosity—bright or dull, white or warm—is also a personal preference.

Areas that require bright light for clear vision are bathrooms and kitchens. On the contrary, bedrooms and living rooms don’t require as many lights because a dimmer environment is more conducive to comfort.

The color of lights determines functionality whereas the kind of lights lets you fashion your interior your way. If you want a brightly lit room, overhead lights may do the job. On the other hand, recessed lights in a living room can make it look more subdued. Lamps mounted on walls or set on tabletops can also be chosen depending on your taste.


Colors are a primary example of how utility or functionality works alongside aesthetics.

Certain kinds of spaces use particular colors. Colors serve a function depending on their warmth, brightness, hues and intensity.

Vibrant shades like crimson, orange and yellow are seen in restaurants and other eateries but not courtrooms or prisons. This is because they incite emotions; where it’s suitable for enhancing appetite, it’s not for sensationalizing legal procedures.

If you’re looking to decorate your interiors to make it look more upbeat, and optimistic, you should go with brighter tones. Some colors tend to capture more light and therefore appear brighter and glow more in an illumined room.

Once the person living in that room has made up their mind about the purpose, you can work around with colors on the wheel that fall within your criteria.


With everything else setting the mood for the room, furniture takes up center stage and finalizes the look you’re going for.

Some furniture items are necessary for certain spaces like cabinets in kitchens, tables in offices, closets in bedrooms and book cases or shelves in living rooms.

Discounting the basic necessities jeopardizes the functionality of your design. However it’s quite possible to work around with styles, colors and sizes of each furniture piece.

Having racks fitted high up on the wall in a children’s room is impractical and useless because it’s way beyond the child’s reach. Having simple shelves set up near the floor will also take up less visual space and be more functional.

Similarly, instead of having a large bookcase in the living room which looms over the space, it’s better to divide the load into shelves mounted on the corners of the room.

Looking for interior designers who can remodel your house with functional yet aesthetic designs?

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