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Interiors That Tell Your Story

If the saying: ‘heart is where home is’ is true, then each home must be as distinct in its taste, appearance and design as the hearts that beat in it.

The interior of your home does not only set the visual appeal of your place but also defines the kind of person you are. The colors, spaces and styles of furniture found in your home speak your language and tell your tale.

Plan, pick and set the smallest of décor items like a vase in your house yourself and make sure that it aligns perfectly with what you had in mind initially. A well-designed home interior is one that reflects you in every corner!

Here are a few ideas to personalize and customize interiors to give a part of yourself to your home.

The Reader

If you have a love affair with literature, you’ll want to design your home in a way to reflect your literary interests.

Include a corner dedicated to your passion for reading or having a shelf arranged with books of your choice. While selecting interior furniture for your home, the dimensions of the product you want can be customized to the size of your house and the space available.

While some might be able to afford just a shelf on the wall, others might be able to accommodate an entire library. The aim is to have something that represents your interests and incorporates that in your house.

The Home-Maker

While some find comfort in books, other find themselves at home amidst a baby cooing, kids screaming, TV blaring and a chopper growling in the kitchen.

It may sound noisy and seem chaotic to some, it really is what some homemakers prefer their homes to look like. They want their interior to be functional and appealing to the eye without compromising on the needs of the family.

For a person like this, the right choice would be to incorporate colors and furniture that complement the domestic image that the owner wants to create.

It could be a contrast of colors that exude youth and innocence or a mix of pastel shades that give a soft dewy glow to the interiors to connote a sense of infancy, motherhood and family.

The Nature-lover

Nature lovers love to encapsulate the beauty of nature in their interiors by maximizing the use of indoor plants, capturing as much day light as possible, and using earthy tones of color.

This is why a house that belongs to a nature-lover must make the most out of spaces that can be utilized to fill in with paintings inspired by nature or painted with colors that depict the wild.

The Socialite

If you’re a natural host(ess) and are used to entertaining company at your house quite often, your living room would be the place that requires most attention.

This is because being a socialite, it is only natural that you feel the need to make your guests feel comfortable and at home in your place.

Having meet ups, parties and gatherings at your home are also indicators that your home will be a public spectacle in the eyes of other socialites.

This is another reason why everything from the color, to furniture and upholstery should be immaculately true to your taste and personality.

Do you want to add finesse to your interiors with our hand-crafted customized furniture?

At Design Fab, we make furniture suited to your taste and needs that adds aesthetic appeal to your interior. Our products are made in a variety of styles for interiors that personalize the place and make it belong to you even more!

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