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Light or Dark: Which ‘Wood’ You Choose?

When it comes to furnishings and interior design, it’s all about getting the most out of your space, with the least amount of clutter. This clutter does not necessarily occur spatially, but it can occur visually as well. While the definition of spatial clutter needs no explanation, allow us to elaborate what we mean by visual clutter.

What Is Visual Clutter?

Visual clutter, by definition, refers to when our eyes cannot rest and is constantly scanning the space we are in, attempting to absorb all the visual cues present in the space. This not only causes disharmony in the space but also reduces the healthy aesthetic that can belong to a living space.

How Can Wood Help Reduce Visual Clutter?

Well, it’s no secret that one of the reasons visual clutter can occur is because of a lack of space. If you love to decorate, you may be faced with the problem of visual clutter. The solution is simple!

Create more storage space in the form of shelves! This way, your home décor items can be spaced out; instead of being crammed horizontally, they can occupy space vertically. Essentially, this will free up space between objects and décor items to create a balanced, spaced out and clutter-free aesthetic.

Shelves and television units or book shelves (depending on which room and which are of the room is being addressed) are a great way to incorporate wood and a touch of nature into your spaces. The color of wood stands out prominently in furniture, eliciting the feeling of being around nature.

If you are inspired by the element of nature and how it stands enhanced with the help of wood, here’s an easy guide to choosing the right color of wood for your furniture.

Light vs. Dark

Light toned wood is a marked feature in furniture made around the sleek and modern aesthetic. Examples of light toned wood is oak, white or beech wood. These are most commonly used for casual spaces where the family gathers for most of their time in the house, such as in sunrooms. Although the lighter tones have previously been more prominent in country style home and interior décor, it is beginning to increase in demand with modern furniture spaces as well.

Dark wood, on the other hand, has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years are they are an easy and effective way to add a flair of drama to any room. Dark wood is known for looking compelling and serving as a focal point of any room. It works well in large spaces where you want to make the space look more inviting and intimate. Together with dark walls, dark wood creates a sophisticated and clean look.

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