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  1. You can start by emailing your Name and contact info, along with your location, and a general information about the type of project your looking for, and maybe some basic measurements for smaller projects.  This basic info can help form a ballpark estimate for the project.
  2. For larger projects we will set up an initial design consultation to establish the project details and kick around some different ideas and possible solutions that work the best for your needs.  During this meeting we can discuss style, color, wood species and other design factors.

(For Larger Remodel jobs, this will be a general overview meeting).

  1. After this meeting I will take the information we have compiled and draw some basic sketches and a ballpark estimate, composed of line items describing the different aspects of the projects and the cost of each of those aspects.  It will state the final investment cost as well as the Deposit amount needed to move forward.
  2. After all the formalities, The Fun Starts,  Building your project!!  We will continue to the final design process, fine tuning all the details and drawing it up for approval!